Without reading, where would you be?

Just for a moment, picture yourself as an adult who can’t read street signs or medicine labels … who can only write your name and address … who can’t fill out a job application … who can’t understand your bank or credit card statements.

If you were one of the thousands of metro Atlantans who can’t do any of those things, how cut off from daily life would you feel? How embarrassed? How little self-confidence would you have?

We Need Your Help

Helping our neighbors with literacy problems and English as a second language is why 19 volunteers started LVA in 1986 — and it’s why we’re still determined to assist adults who want to better their lives. So far our unique, one-on-one volunteer tutoring has worked for more than 10,000 motivated men and women — but we need your help to assist the many, many more who are asking us for a hand up right now.



LVA is now 25 years old.

Without reading, where would you be?