Programs — Overview

LVA trains volunteers to provide free, one-on-one tutoring and classroom and small group instruction to metro Atlanta adults reading below the fifth-grade level. We also offer a number of classes to support our tutoring program.

LVA’s Basic Literacy and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), as well as our Citizenship Preparation programs are student-centered and provide life skills to prepare our students for more productive lives in our community. For example, when a student's goal is to obtain employment, we provide help in filling out various types of job applications.

Students and tutors meet at times and places convenient to both, which might be at the local library in the morning or at LVA’s computer lab anytime during the day or evening. Students and tutors do not meet in each other’s homes.

Our classroom instruction that reinforces individual tutoring (and helps students while they’re waiting to be matched with a tutor); it includes basic literacy, ESOL, spelling, math, citizenship preparation and life skills.

In particular, health literacy instruction equips students with the health information that helps them make sound, healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Our Family Literacy program provides parents and children with the tools they need to succeed by partnering with institutions which focus on early childhood care or education. Our program affords parents resources for practical health literacy to share with their families.

Our Workplace Literacy program is held at various worksites around metro Atlanta. This is our only fee-for-service program and takes place at the request of companies and institutions who would like to help their employees work more efficiently and meet both professional and personal goals. There is no charge to the students.

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Basic Literacy Program

The Basic Literacy program is LVA’s oldest and largest program. Each year, we train Basic Literacy tutors who provide free, one-on-one, ongoing tutoring to adults with low literacy skills. Volunteers receive Basic Literacy training and are paired with a student who closely matches their interests, strengths, and geographical location.

Basic literacy class

The tutor and student then select a location outside of their homes that is convenient to both. Each pair must commit to a minimum tutoring schedule of two hours per week. Student and tutor pairs are encouraged to use LVA’s computer lab and lending library to enhance their tutoring sessions.

We also have several weekly Basic Literacy classes, which both augment one-on-one tutoring and provide immediate help while students are waiting to be matched with individual tutors.

In fact, volunteers can also receive comprehensive training to become classroom instructors. If you’re interested in becoming a Basic Literacy Tutor, please complete our tutor application form and fax or mail it to our office.

If you’re interested in becoming a Basic Literacy Tutor, please complete our tutor application form (.doc) and fax or mail it to our office.

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English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

LVA’s ESL program includes classes and, if available, one-on-one tutoring to maximize students’ success.

Because Atlanta is has been designated as one of a few national resettlement centers for refugees and other immigrants, LVA is proud to serve students from dozens of countries.

ESOL Class

We find our ESOL students to be uniformly determined to learn our language better (virtually all of them speak and/or understand English to some degree), so that they can become contributing members of our community.


If you’re interested in becoming an ESOL tutor or class leader, please complete our tutor application form (.doc) and fax or mail it to our office.

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Citizenship Education Program

LVA offers a citizenship preparation education program to help legal permanent residents achieve their goal of U.S. Citizenship. In fact, recently LVA was one of just two literacy organizations in the nation to be selected to offer free citizenship classes approved by USCIS with Homeland Security.

LVA Citizenship Class

LVA offers free citizenship classes to legal permanent residents to prepare for and pass the interview. We offer classes at:

  • Literacy Volunteers of Atlanta office

LVA assists approximately 100 immigrant students at any one time, and our students reflect over 70 nationalities. Our focus is preparing each one of these determined men and women for the interview process of becoming U.S. citizens – and we’re proud to have assisted dozens to pass their citizenship interviews with flying colors.

To register or for more information on the Citizenship Education Program, please call Kimberly Lyons at 404-377-7323 or email

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Family Literacy Program

Preschool children who are not read to on a regular basis before starting school don’t develop the pre-reading skills necessary to succeed in school. Further, children of low-literacy parents are twice as likely to become low-literacy adults.

In LVA’s Family Literacy program, volunteers lead weekly small group sessions to teach parents with low reading skills or limited English-speaking skills strategies that provide the next generation with the tools and experiences necessary to begin school successfully.

Family Literacy class

Children’s books are given to children and parents to build a home library and to share as a family. Computer programs are available for parents and children to use together. Many adults who would not normally join a literacy program take advantage of these services for their children’s sakes and, as a result, join our Basic or ESOL literacy programs to address their own literacy needs.

In LVA’s Family Literacy program, volunteers provide young children with literacy activities to enhance reading comprehension, math, and science skills, as well as provide Basic Literacy and ESOL services to parents through classes and family mentors. LVA’s goal is to help parents incorporate literacy activities into everyday life to allow their children to succeed.

Literacy Volunteers of Atlanta affords families the skills to become more active in their children’s education and community, and to shape the success of future generations.

“Literacy Volunteers of Atlanta is a valuable partner of Decatur Housing Authority as they offer English classes to our parents and literacy activities to our children. Not only are LVA’s volunteers affording our parents the chance to succeed, they are teaching our children in fun and creative ways in our Summer Reading and After-School programs. This has been a great collaboration and our families definitely appreciate the work of the volunteers.”

— Melvin L. Whitlock, Resident Services Supervisor, Decatur Housing Authority

Are you interested in working with children or becoming a Family Literacy mentor?

Do you know of parents and/or children in need of Family Literacy services?

Contact Kelley Provence by email at or by phone at 404-377-READ (7323).

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Workplace Literacy Program

The Workplace Literacy program is a partnership with businesses and institutions in metro Atlanta that provides their employees with Basic Literacy and English Speakers of Other Languages classroom instruction geared toward the workplace.

The students gain skills to assist them in becoming more confident and more successful employees with increased knowledge about workplace safety and capacity for job advancement. Literacy Volunteers currently has three partnerships which we serve on-site. We are in the process of developing other workplace opportunities throughout the Atlanta area.

LVA - Workplace Literacy Class

LVA’s Workplace Literacy Program can:

  • Reduce error rate
  • Reduce time-per-task
  • Aid in customer retention
  • Increase business profitability
  • Improve the health and safety records of employees
  • Increase employee retention
  • Raise team performance
  • Increase quality of work
  • Improve employee morale and self-esteem

“LVA’s Workplace Literacy class has been a huge help to our company. Our participating employees love the classes and it motivates them to be successful not only at work but in their personal lives as well. The program is a great incentive for new employees and it helps retain our current employees as well. We are a strong believer in promoting within the company and with the literacy program in place we are able to give more employees that opportunity.”

— Regina Kim, Vice President A&D Linens

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For further information about volunteering with Workplace Literacy, or if you are interested in having LVA come to your workplace, please contact Kim Lyons email at or by phone at 404-377-READ (7323).